Big Mouth Survey Kiosks are perfect for any size business, we can help you gather information and feedback so your business can continue to thrive.

Transform your positive customer experiences into online reviews and referrals!

With cutting edge technology, we can help you and your business gain data analytics to help your business gain insights on how your customers and potential customers feel.

You can add interchangeable panels which allows you to promote your brand with your personalized logo on it, and you are able to add promotional messaging too!

  • Improve Your Marketing ROI
    • Find out what channels and content are driving new customer retention.
  • Competitor Comparison
    • Find a better way to look at your competition, now from the customers’ perspective.
  • Motivational Toolset
    • Keep your staff in the loop! Share feedback from customers with your staff so they can monitor their performance, and you can use BMS dashboard to motivate and incentivize your staff.
  • Notification System
    • Receive real-time notifications and damage control by receiving emails and/or texts as soon as a negative survey gets submitted.

The best compliment you can give to a business is a referral, so now you can ask for one when someone indicates that they had a positive experience.

You can now gain referrals without the hassle, Big Mouth Survey can automate referrals and dramatically increase growth for your business.

Did you know?! Almost 95% of consumers trust guidance from people that they know.

With the Big Mouth Survey Kiosk, you will now have a great-looking branded request that makes it simple and easy for your customer to engage with you.

The user interface can be 100% customized to fit your brand – with interchangeable backgrounds, colors, answer options, and your own logo.

Front and Center Brand Awareness!

Build significant trust and creditability from positive reviews. Big Mouth Surveys are set up to provide intelligent email and text workflows that are carefully engineered to ask for an online review at the right time in order to maximize conversation rates.

Businesses that have high ratings will see views that are converted into traffic and sales.

90% of consumers say that online reviews impact their decisions, so now is the time to earn their trust!

Improve your customer’s experience, workplace happiness, and profitability.

Regardless of your location, we can reach your customers and/or employees either in your establishment or we can do it remotely. We want to help you dig deep and get ratings, customer feedback, and reviews to find out what’s working, what’s not, and where changes need to happen.

Collect Real-Time Feedback!