IT Support Plans

Our support plans start out with Navtech Connection Plan – where you have rigorous backup and security systems in place. With our Gold Plan and the Platinum Plan, you will receive unlimited help desk and unlimited off-site and on-site support. Our HAAS Plan provides you with full-cycle care, this takes all the guess work out of your computer environment. Navtech offers four levels of workplace managed services to keep your business environment running smoothly as possible. No business is exactly the same, so we want to make it as simple as possible for you to choose the right support plan to help your business thrive.

Backup & Recovery | Anti-Virus & Security | Managed Services

This network security and maintenance package is for clients who prefer to pay for help desk and onsite support by the hour. We recommend this level of service for small businesses with simple computer needs.

In this plan we do include help desk but not on-site support. Our help desk has over 25 years of diagnostic experience, you can expect an instant response from our call center. When you call, the technicians who have experience installing and maintaining your networks/other systems will be the technicians you are talking to.

This plan provides FULL SUPPORT: managed services, help desk, and on-site support.

CTI is responsible for every aspect of the computers in your office including keeping the hardware components up to current specs and swapping them with faster and more efficient machines as technology advances.